Saturday, July 2, 2016


The Wake

By way of introduction, imagine that you are on an ocean voyage aboard a small boat. The boat is powered by an engine just cruising slowly along the coast on a warm night. You are just enjoying the soft rolling motion of the sea, the smell of the air and a mist drifting onto your face. You walk to the stern of the boat and stare into the ripples, lines and shadows left as the boat moves forward through the water. Lost in pleasant thoughts of past life experiences, as you begin to think about what you are seeing in the water below, a parallel comes to your mind as you realize that the patterns drawn by the ripples, lines and shadows in the water are part of "the wake."

The wake does not supply the force that drives the boat but is a result of it. The physical motion through the water as the water moves past the form of the boat's haul generate the wake. It is an after-effect of the forward motion supplied by the craft's motor, nothing more and nothing less. Throughout our lives many moments and memories that we have left behind now populate our wakes, it's as if we have left bits and pieces of ourselves drifting in the hazy patterns of life's aftermath, still visible on the ocean of yesterday's sea. As you behold your wake, remember it was created by your movement not necessarily because of something in particular that you did or didn't do.

Human beings feel the need to be able to relate retrospectively to their relationships in life events, actions and other people which are all a part of their lives. Understanding the wake is an important concept in becoming aware of the Self responsibility for the past components that make up the actions, emotions and behaviors of life. The wake is not of your making or under your control and it has no bearing on the direction of your voyage through the great ocean of life. 

Some have misunderstood this premise and concluded that if you throttle down the engine powering your boat, then you would force the wake to become smaller and therefore somehow equate the decrease in size to a decrease in the intensity of it's effect. However, the logic of this idea is faulty because even though the wake magnitude would be diminished it will remain the wake nevertheless. There will be some calming, pleasant memories residing within the waving lines in the wake and some unhappy, unsettling elements which are better left undisturbed. Learn to except all that you are and all you can become within the positive constraints of your mind. Albert Einstein once addressed this issue as he said, "The imagination of the human mind is more powerful than all the knowledge in the Universe" and you know what, most people don't even begin to realize their importance in the great scheme of things or the energy that all human intellectual power plants contain. 

The brain is of marvelous design, self sustaining for the most part, batteries are included and it is independent of even the basic environmental circumstances in which it exists. The human thinking machine will operate even under the worst outside stresses and is unaffected by most external pressures. However like most complex natural systems the mind is subject to a myriad of internal forces, emotions, misunderstandings and faulty data inputs. Faulty input data will guaranty defective data outputs, this is one of the laws of applied computer science and the rule is also applicable to the human computer, it's the old "garbage-in, garbage out" statement. 

It is imperative that we realize the wake is composed of negative emotions, experiences and regrets of what might have been along with the all the positive elements accumulated on the life voyage. The negative type of introspection is naturally the most difficult to ignore, however the wake can be reconfigured to consist of only the positive elements. The reconfiguration is of course dependent upon each person's choice. Therefore, the bumps, down turns and unpleasant parts of the whole picture should be realized, affirmed, mentally dismissed and replaced with the mindset of positivity. The process of living with the knowledge that negative occurrences reflected in our wakes could have been avoided or at least altered, can become depressive influences on life. There is an old proverb which describes and expresses this sentiment best, "There's no sense in crying over spilled milk." It would be prudent at this point to recognize that  the negative thinking pattern births only the negativity, while the positive mindset attracts, cultivates and creates positive real world outcomes.

The wake of our journeys is not changeable, once it fades into undetectable ripples it eventually is absorbed by the surrounding ocean and it can no longer be visibly examined, but is replaced by the wake of the present moment. As the ripples in the water begin, spread and fade so are the wakes of our lives. Don't be afraid of the ripples left behind you, use it to gain and strengthen your resolve to concentrate only on the positive aspects of your life because that's where the power of the real you resides, within all things positive.

The key to overcoming your wake of the past is, "We Must All Learn To Negate The Negative" and embrace the attitude that a positive perspective will create! Not to think with positive purpose is naive, the natural positivity which we are all born with is dumbed - down and educated out of us through the instruction which customs, traditions and societal authorities introduce as the correct ways to achieve success in life.

WARNING! Because of the immense energy that resides in your brain, you must be aware that the original case with which it comes packaged should not be bent, spindled or mutilated if continued proper operation is desired or expected. Although the preceding statement may appear a little crazy on the surface, comprehension of the concept is a must; the wake is not some-thing that your mental powerhouse has created along your voyage here, but is a natural resultant reaction from the motion created by the boat, which is also not of your making. The elements of your voyage were not created by you, the sea of life wasn't your brain-child and you didn't even build the boat or the engine used for your life-long journey, you are very simply a passenger who can direct and set the course of your craft by the steering system (which is also not of your making). Gaze at your wake, be aware that it is there and why. Enjoy what you can of the wake and don't over-rate it's content, purpose or creation because the important item in this discussion is not the sea, nor the voyage, nor the boat, or the motor, or even the wake.

The distinctive element of importance here is ..... YOU. That's right, even the very latest modern technologically advanced "Quantum Computer" can't hold a candle to the power and computing potential of a single human mind, frankly there is evidence and reason to believe it was designed that way! I don't know about you but I think that makes human beings an in-expendable element in the universe. Awe opens the book of amazement, as the light bulb of the mind turns on: the pieces of the great puzzle of life are being manipulated and organized by an unseen hand, directed by the self sustaining positive energy force of creation. More prominently today, reason and applied-logic are ever pointing their fingers toward the power of an intelligent designer. 

Alas, all is well aboard your boat and mine, things progress, change and evolve without asking us to make the necessary distance and speed calculations required to complete the voyage. We are all just passengers, watchers of the aftermath created by the forward motion of our boats, leaving wake lines of life upon the waters as we pass. 

The wake becomes our abstract footprints, sprinkled on the surface of the sea which constitute notes written in the language of time, lived both past and present. The wake is constantly forming and dissipating as sure as day follows night, death follows birth, it returns as all things must, back to the vastness of it's Positive Source.

A final thought shared in passing, if we remain alert and aware, we can chose to become equal observers of the activities caused by the perpetual movements, referred to as "The Wake" and with that awareness we MUST develop our sight to recognize the Positivity in everything, even in the wake that we leave behind ........

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