Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Positive Halloween

 When the subject of Halloween crosses your mind and we roll around to that time of the year, positive aspects of the holiday are rarely, if ever a major thought consideration while indulging in the fun and candy.The small children ringing your door bell, the cute costumes, and the excitement in the air are part of the fond memories of Halloweens past, which sort of come along with the festivities.Try to maintain a positive attitude when you run out of candy, turn off your porch light and hope no more ghosts or goblins approach your darkened front porch because; after all, you have to save a little bit of candy as treats for yourself. When you stare at the monster in your mirror before bedtime, smile, be grateful for all the happy times of your life and keep a positive attitude about yourself and others. 

You will be surprised in the morning how much better the old monster of yesterday looks. Life overall will improve at a constant rate with just a regularly applied tiny bit of positivity. Remember, that everything tastes better with a little sprinkle of sugar and that's what positive attitude/thinking adds to the everyday flavor of your life; a bit of sweetness. 

Positivity is like learning to walk, no one quits on the first fall or there would not be any people walking, so don't expect to master the positive thought process without some practice, adjustment and more practice.The goal is to teach yourself the skill living every day from a positive perspective which will cause the course of events in your life to result in good and positive outcomes for all that you experience or work to achieve.This will ultimately result in the attraction of success and happiness; isn't that what we all wanted and needed in the first place?