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Our mission / purpose is to highlight Positivity and why it is the only reasonably logical, motivational Philosophy to embrace that enables positive life outcomes. Generally speaking Positivity has no voice or presence in the world main-stream media which builds it's ratings almost completely on the negativity. 

It happened this way for me: it was a dark, cloudy and thunder-stormy afternoon, what we call tornado inducing weather in the Central United States. The drive home was slow and difficult because the pouring rain in cooperation with the whipping wind has a tendency to make the traffic and drivers crazy.  I drove my truck onto the driveway and under the carport. The wind was  still blowing ferociously and I could see the lightening streaking through the sky with brilliant flashes of light amid the thundering booms and rumbles. It was raining heavily like a monsoon with raindrops as big as, well you get the picture.

Once in the house, soaking wet, I might add,  wiping my face with a paper towel I grabbed on my way through the kitchen, I fumbled for the remote control on my bedside table to turn on the TV and check out the local weather forecast. Alright, the set was on and  I was immediately inundated  by a slew of  special edition news media reports, from major US network about automobile recalls for some minor problem. Another news report following the first report was on site where many people had been preparing for a pacific storm and anticipating possible damages upon landfall, sometime in the next 48 hours. If this wasn't bad enough, a report was being cited about the robbery of a local Church and  two people who were shot this morning  not far from my place of employment.  This is becoming an everyday affair, along with all the political rhetoric which is designed to show who slug mud harder and farther in the last 24 hours. Frustrated, I finally was able to catch the weather forecast on my phone, just as lightening bolt crackled and the lights flickered. 

As I pondered the events of my present situation, it dawned on me that I watched this similar series of depressing news flashes so many times that I was actually becoming very desensitized to the actual events, a direct result of repeated exposures to them or ones just like them. It occurred to me that I was not sleeping as well lately.  I realized that I had watched "the news" just before retiring, only to wrestle with dreams of horrible world events which were a direct result of negative inputs allowed to be placed in my head, by me. The buck stopped at my doorstep and I had to decide on a better method of unwinding before going to sleep. Thus, was born the concept of this Blog and our video channel.

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