Saturday, June 25, 2016


Welcome to The Positivity News Network, we are honored to have you visit and we want you to be apprised of the reasons we are working on this service. 

Our mission / purpose is to highlight the positivity and
the positive events, activities and people which are effecting your world on a daily basis, in a positive way. Positivity is not achieved by ignoring, disregarding or denying the many daily negative occurrences in life, rather it is a positive thinking mind-set which does not to dwell on negativity.

Generally speaking positivity has no voice or presence in the world main-stream media, which builds it's ratings almost completely on the negativity in every corner of everywhere at any given instant. Therefore, this Network will not be party or part to the "same old game" of news reporting, we applaud positive thinking and positive actions as the natural way of mankind.

It is not the intention of the network to glorify or support any cause, group, purpose, creed, ideology, story, event or policy that is not representative of positive values and Philosophies.
We totally support the freedom of all world peoples and the free expression of thoughts and positive ideas. On the other hand, we completely reject all negative aspects of any and all political, religious, racial or societal ideas that may be limiting to positivity in any shape, form or fashion.

We sincerely wish to contribute to the growing numbers of human beings who are fed-up with the gross negativity that
is spewed out by the mass media into our laps just before we settle down every evening for a "good-nights" sleep. We will attempt to provide positive news, articles, editorials and videos from a calming, heart warming, entertaining and inspiring positive perspective. 

Note that this Network is and will remain"child-safe" as there will not be any content here that might effect a child in any but a positive way. We will remain (G) rated. As a matter of fact, we will begin asap to post "positive baby links" in a corner of our videos, which provide changing calming colors and music to entertain babies when they become bored, fussy or just sleepy to help them relax.

Due to the stated goals and purpose of this Network, we respectfully request your viewing support and will always appreciate all suggestions for improving our service and programs, however please keep in mind that this is a vast undertaking and it will take time for us to get started and get it right.
Let us say thank you and see you online. Drop us any subject suggestions or other comments to

Chuck & Rebecca Taber // "Good news about good people doing good things with a good and positive perspective."

The Positivity News Network

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